Podcast Reflection 1

Since I am not a native American, I don’t know American publications a lot.Thomas and Anwesha told me that BuzzFeed would be a good publication to talk about as a form of New Media. A lot of Americans know it and most importantly, BuzzFeed is the master click baits. The use of click baits could let us dig into its influence to people, to New Media, and analyze whether BuzzFeed could be viewed as a real journalism.

I listened to the podcast about BuzzFeed in Spring 2017 Class. A lot of points we talked about were same. Specifically, we all focused on whether BuzzFeed could be viewed as a real journalism or as a publication of “hard news”. We all touched the point that “BuzzFeed doesn’t always report the fact”.But they did this by using Trump Dossier’s example to show that BuzzFeed might fake news, while what we did was using “BuzzFeed deleted its posts because of conflicting interests” as our argument.

The goal of this episode is to analyze, from our point of view, whether BuzzFeed could be viewed a real journalism and how would, maybe also should New Media in this era develop to insist on a real journalism standard. To achieve this goal, we did a lot of research and used the data we got to form our analysis. My challenge is that it was my first time to get to know BuzzFeed, so I just spent a lot of time using BuzzFeed to get my user experience and reading through articles about it.

One learning outcome I believe I got during this process is “critical thinking and reading resulting in writing”, because I did a lot of research and reading both to get to know BuzzFeed and to understand how others view BuzzFeed.I also integrated a lot of texts from the articles I searched.

One thing I am proud of myself for doing this assignment is that I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone. At first, I wanted to use some Chinese publications to talk about because I am acquainted with them and it would be easy for me to talk a lot. But I changed my mind later and took this assignment as a challenge: I would use a relatively short period of time to get to know a publication I never heard of and form a concrete argument. After going through the whole process, I believe it was a great experience, engaged and fulfilling.

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