Reflection on the “Technology Literacy Narrative”

Credit to Kemin Wang.

This narrative describes the influence of technology( especially the computer and the phone) on my reading, writing, and communication throughout each stage of my life. When I started to write this narrative, I didn’t think too much about the structure or certain specific content. I first brainstormed for a while and I began to write a draft. In the draft, I listed some important and interesting points and I found out that those interesting points could be fitted in a chronological way. So when I wrote the final, I used that order incorporating my thoughts and my anecdotes.

After writing this narrative I found out that technology really played a huge role in my daily life, both academically and socially. And I started to see that I hadn’t used a pen to write formally for a relatively long time, especially in my mother language(Chinese). Most of the time I just typed on the phone and the computer. For this fact, I kind of feel a little uncomfortable. It makes me a little nervous when sometimes I couldn’t remember how to write certain words in Chinese.

Here is the link to the page:

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