Combophoto–“dreaming man in the bed”

The upper part of the picture credits to Thomas Leth-Olsen. The lower part of the picture credits to May.

I found the upper part of this picture while I roamed on Flikr. I thought it was interesting because it was an upside-down picture. Maybe it could create some interesting visual effects. So I chose it.

The lower part of this picture is just a bedroom. The picture is a little dark so it might create a contrast to the former picture. The meaning of this combination of pictures is that when people sleep on a bed, their thoughts would fly everywhere. Even though the bedroom is tiny and dark, their dream is big and bright.

The difficult part of creating this photo is that it was my first time using Pixlr and I had a hard time learning how to crop, resize and combine. Later I googled it and finally solved the problem.

One thought on “Combophoto–“dreaming man in the bed””

  1. I think what’s interesting about this image is that it ends up looking like you’ve combined 3 different pictures instead of two. I like how you create a sense of a dreamscape by using the inverted photo above the bed.

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